Presenter Application

Character Development Foundation
PO Box 4782 Manchester NH 03108
603-472-3063 phone and fax;



Address:_____________________________________________________ Tel #_____

Fax #:_______________________ e-mail/on line:____________________

Education: (Bachelor's degree, Master's, or Doctorate)__________________

Teaching experience:: Grades:_________________________ # of years:______


CDF workshops taken: (circle) Overview; Literature; Problem solving, Ethics, School-wide, Methods.


Areas to present in: Literature, Problem solving, Ethics, School-wide, Methods, Overview. (circle)

Times free to present: days, M T W TH F Saturdays, evenings after ____________ (# per year ____)

Summers between ________ and ______.

Willing to travel: ____ throughout NH; ____ throughout NE; ____ less than an hour from home only

How much notice is needed before being called? ____ a week
____ two weeks
____ three weeks
____ four weeks

# of people comfortable addressing:______

Length of presentation: (minimum and maximum)_________________________

        ____ 10-30 ___ 30-60 ___ 60+

Equipment needed: ___ overhead ___ VCR ___ chart paper ___ other_______________

Willing to serve as consultant:_______        Willing to serve as mentor:____________

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